Welcome to KFla,
Kennedy Fitzpatrick landscape architecture

Kennedy Fitzpatrick Landscape Architecture is a Landscape Architecture practice situated in Dublin and offering the highest design and performance standards.

The practice offers a wide range of services including landscape design of streets, urban spaces, parks, residential and commercial developments, landscape master planning, and landscape and visual input for EIAR.

The practice principles combine years of experience working in the largest landscape architectural practices in the country. KFLA was established in 2005 and has successfully delivered many large projects in all sectors of the industry.

Innovation and response to place is the central design ethos of the practice. The KFLA approach to Landscape Architecture is to fully analyse the receiving environment and the client’s requirements and, working closely with the other design professionals on the team to develop a specific landscape solution.

Solutions that respond to the social, visual, and ecological issues and deliver landscape schemes to the highest aesthetic standards. KFLA has a proactive approach to the promotion of sustainable design at all stages of the design process.