Sustainable Design Solutions

KFLA aims to put sustainable principles at the heart of the design process.
Our approach is to consider the environmental and ecological issues of all design decisions throughout the process.

We will offer sustainable design solutions in relation to maximising biodiversity, green infrastructure, material selection, biodiversity, maintenance requirements, lighting and drainage solutions. Incorporating sustainable principles into the design process from the outset encourages the creation of landscapes that enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity, improve air and water quality, reduce waste, conserve resources and reduce operating costs. KFLA can show leadership in this area of design offering sustainable options while fully realising the project potential.

Traditional landscape designs are aimed at creating landscapes of an artificial nature and have created a culture that demands high impact landscape construction with high level maintenance. Our approach is to offer design goals that change the traditional perception of a designed landscape and promote low impact designs. Landscapes that work in harmony with the existing conditions rather than trying to impose an artificial landscape type.